DDSF149 单相静止式多费率电能表

Single Phase Static M-tariff kWh meter DDSF149 
Measuring and registration 
Meter records import and export energy flow in separate registers,and add the values in both directions as the labeled energy consumption
Legible LCD Display
The meter is equipped with a large LCD of viewable size .
- Automatic scroll mode
- Manual scroll programmable data set and sequence
- Utility mode for testing
- Display available without main power (Option)
- LCD back-light (Option)
Real Time Clock
The time clock used by the meter synchronized by a quartz crystal clocking unit with an accuracy of+/- 5ppm at 25°C.
Flexible Tariff Management
Benefit from an internal RTC, full Time of Use (TOU) function is realized.
A tariff program are managed by the RTC which suitable for the most complex metering applications.
The meter is able to generate End of Period information as defined by the user, usually based around billing dates.
The non-volatile memory is able to save energy information for up to 12 billing periods. This removes the need to visit the meter on a frequent basis.
DDSF149 has 4 kinds of tariffs and 12 intervals in 24 hours for each day, which can be programmed flexibly. Interval 1 to 12 of each day can be combined with tariff 1 to 4 according to various
requirements, these combination is called Tariff Set. 
In addition, the meter has 30 holidays can be individually set with different kinds of combination of tariffs and intervals.
Maximum Demand information can also be measured for all tariff rates allowing optimum billing of high consumption customers in particular.
Maximum Demand
The meter calculates and displays Maximum Demand data for each tariff register. The Maximum Demand window is configurable thru software as 1,5,15 minutes interval. Maximum Demand is displayed in kW and can be reset to zero automatically or manually.
Load Profile
The meter has three load profile channels which can store optional data for up to 365 days. And the interval length can be set from 1 to 60 minutes.
Event log
- Low battery
- Uncompleted parameter
- installation error
- Time and duration of the last occurrence of power outage
- Value for time spent on battery
- Times and cumulative duration of reverse active energy
- The latest 10 programming instance