DDSF149 单相静止式多费率电能表

Single Phase Static Multi-rate Meter DDSF149
Single phase static meter for measurement of electric energy flowing in one or two directions in households and commercial customers in single-phase 2-wire networks. Comply with the IEC for class 1 or 2 and are manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.
Cost Effective Revenue Metering
Combines modern metering technology with a well-proven steady design, to delivery outstanding performance
Legible & stable LCD
Equipped with a wide visible angel, large temperature & humidity range LCD, which offers superior readability and reliability. At the same time, we also offer different sizes & backlights for it
Meter housing
Made of self-extinguishing polycarbonate and can be recycled at the end of meter life. It assures IP54 protection level against dust and water penetration
Measurement mode
Meter records reverse energy as obverse one and add this value in total energy consumption
Terminal block
The terminal block is integrated with the meter base. In compliance with both the DIN and BS standard respectively
Long life
Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, reliability and accuracy
Pulse Output
The meter is equipped with one pulse output conforming to IEC 62053-31
- Indicate the reverse energy flowing by LED
- Withstand 500mT magnetic interference (Optional)